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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mailbird and how does it work?

Mailbird is a desktop e-mail client for your Windows PC. Mailbird is packed with apps, features, shortcuts, and software upgrades optimized to boost your productivity and save you hours in your inbox. It can be just a simple e-mail app, or your versatile dashboard boosting your productivity and organizing your life.

How to install Mailbird?

1. Download the installer from our website. 2. After the download is finished, run the installer. 3. If it's asking for user permission, click yes to give the permission. 4. After the installation is finished, you can start Mailbird from the installer or from Start Menu. If you have any problem while installing...

Is mailbird the best email client?

Mailbird is the best thing that happened to email since gmail. Good job, nice app. You make Windows a little better. I can happily report that Mailbird is working seamlessly. I'm going to use it as my primary messaging client for the next few days (and hopefully for good!) But for now,...

Is Mailbird a spam filter?

For received emails, Mailbird does not suggest labels or folders and does not help identify key messages. More basically, you cannot even set up simple filters; Mailbird is really best used with an IMAP email account that does these things (and proper spam filtering) on the server.

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