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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Lexus LX 600 cost in the UAE?

Brand new. 6 cylinder GCC spec LX 600 priced at AED 785,000, with power seats, tan interior 20″ wheels and automatic transmission. 2022 NEW! A new GCC spec vehicle for AED 795,000 with 6 cylinder engine, tan interior and automatic transmission. 2022 NEW! 2022 Lexus LX 600 with 20″ wheels, bluetooth system, tan interior and automatic transmission.

What's new in the lx 600?

The LX 600 received a complete interior and exterior makeover and shed around 200 kg by adopting a new GA-F platform making it sleeker and more aerodynamic with a lower centre of gravity by placing the engine further back, creating better handling on fast turns and overall stability.

Is the Lexus LX 600 fluidity in austerity?

Fluidity in austerity seems ironic but is true when talking about the all-new Lexus LX 600. Known for its durability, reliability and off-road performance, Lexus has sold more than 500,000 units of the LX model since it first came out in 1989.

What are the specifications of the new Lexus LX 570?

2021 LX 570, air conditioning, red interior, white exterior, and automatic gearbox. A brand new vehicle with Imported specifications. 2022 NEW! Lexus LX 600 2022 price AED 830,000, with a 6 cylinder engine, 21″ wheels, fog lights, tan interior. Brand new. GCC spec. 2022 NEW! New with 21″ wheels, red interior and automatic transmission.

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