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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next lunar eclipse?

When is the next lunar eclipse? NASA says the next total lunar eclipse is on March 14, 2025. That one will be visible across North and South America, as well as Western Europe and Africa. Mark your calendar! Luckily, the world has some partial lunar eclipses to look forward to before then.

How long will the lunar eclipse last?

Unlike solar eclipses, a total lunar eclipse lasts a few hours, with totality itself usually averaging anywhere from about 30 minutes to over an hour. This is due to the large relative size of Earth over the Moon (the Moon's diameter is only about 2150 miles), therefore casting a large umbral shadow on the Moon.

Where can I see the Beaver Moon lunar eclipse?

The entire sequence is visible for most of North and Central America, along with the far east of Asia, although extreme eastern regions of the Americas may only be able to view the eclipse before the moon exits the umbral phase. South America will see most of the eclipse before moonset.

What are the different types of lunar eclipses?

Lunar eclipses are of four types - penumbral, partial or horizontal. Penumbral eclipses happen when the moon happens to fall into the penumbral shadow of the Earth, which is the outer shadow of the Earth. In this case the moon appears darker in some areas than others.

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