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Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve literal equations?

Solving Literal Equations Literal Equations – Equations with multiple variables where you are asked to solve for just one of the variables. (Usually represent formulas used in the sciences and/or geometry) To solve literal equations: Use the same process you use to isolate the variable in an algebraic equation with one variable.

What are the forms of linear equations in math?

Forms of Linear Equations General Form Factored Form Standard Form* y = ax + b y = a(x – c) Ax + By = C Example: Example: Example: y = 3x + 9 y = 3(x + 3) 3x – y = -9 *A must be a positive integer Changing between forms of linear equations: Write the equation y = ¾ x - 7 in standard form y = ¾ x - 7 4y = 4(¾ x – 7)

What is a solution to an equation?

A solution to an equation is a value for the variable that makes the equation a true statement. LinearEquations can have: One solution No solutions Infinite solutions One solution: There is one number that, when substituted for the variable, makes the equation true.

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