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Frequently Asked Questions

Is literably legit or a scam?

First off, we know the people behind Literably are totally legit with good reputation. So, I am sure, Literably is not a scam. But, lets do a bit more digging than just relying on the reputation of two people. First, Literably social media presence dates back to years.

Are there any reviews of literably jobs?

There are not many reviews on the internet about Literably jobs. The lack of activity on social media about Literably is not a red flag; it merely means that the number of jobs available on Literably may be limited. A reviewer on Reddit found transcribing for Literably challenging.

Where can I find a review of literably?

Over at Common Sense Education you can find some informative Literably reviews as well. These are reviews from teachers who are using your transcriptions and scores to provide specific instructions to better meet student's individual needs. The most common comment from teachers is that Literably saves them a lot of time.

Is literably a legit transcribing company?

I saw a posting on for a transcribing company called Literably. It looks legit and says it has a built in training program. Does anyone have any experience with them? TIA

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