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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do literably jobs pay per minute?

At the time of this review, Literably jobs pay between $0.35 to $0.85 per audio minute you transcribe. To clarify, an audio minute is not the same as a work minute. In other words, you won't be paid $0.35 to $0.85 every minute, but rather per minute of audio you transcribe.

What is literably?

What Is Literably? Established in 2013, Literably was founded by Tyler Borek and Habib Moody, both with an educational background at Yale University. To put it simply, Literably is a platform for online assessment of grade school students’ oral reading and comprehension skills.

How does literably work for teachers?

It helps elementary school teachers monitor their students’ reading and comprehension levels. Students read aloud as Literably records them. The recording is then checked against the reading material for accuracy. A report is written showing information like the correct number of words per minute and accuracy percentage. So what’s the job?

What is a literably assessment?

Literably is a reading assessment for K-8 students that identifies A-Z reading levels, diagnoses skill gaps, screens students for reading difficulties, and monitors progress. Our web and iOS apps record a running record of students reading out loud into a device, along with ...

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