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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lifetouch portal for picture day?

Prior to Picture Day, the Lifetouch Portal is how your school provides Lifetouch essential data for Picture Day. Schools can also download extra, digital Picture Day reminders and send automated email reminders to parents.

How do I use Lifetouch rewards?

With Lifetouch Rewards, each purchase counts towards earning coupons. Find Picture Day ID : This is unique to your school and is used to order before Picture Day. Find Portrait ID & Access Code : This is unique to your student and is usually used after Picture Day.

What is Lifetouch?

"Lifetouch is a professional company with a professional product. Tom Bailey is the consummate professional. We are so very pleased with the Lifetouch experience." Lifetouch provides photography for schools and families, and works to give back to our communities

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