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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Shoresy on Letterkenny?

For those of you that watch Letterkenny, you already know who Shoresy is. For the rest of you, he is a loudmouth, dirty hockey player that loves to chirp at other teams, mostly by telling them that he has slept with their mothers.

Who are the characters in Letterkenny?

It also shares the experiences and life happenings of ice hockey players Reilly and Jonesy. Jared Keeso is one of the writers of 'Letterkenny'. He's played two characters, namely, Wayne - one of the protagonists as well as Shoresy - one of the side characters. Shoresy is a hockey player with a foul-mouth that wears a wig and has a falsetto voice.

Is Letterkenny a comedy?

The comedic capabilities of a couple of Canadians confirm the consistent cleverness and competence of a captivating cosmos that centers on a celebrated city crammed with comical characters in a comedy called Letterkenny . This hilarious television program debuted as a web series but was later purchased by the network Crave in Canada.

Who plays wingman Wayne Shoresy on Letterkenny?

Wingman Wayne Shoresy is a side character on Letterkenny. His face is never seen; he is played by Jared Keeso wearing a wig and using a falsetto voice. Give yer balls a tug.

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