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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Lee's Army after the Siege of Petersburg?

As the Richmond–Petersburg Campaign (also known as the Siege of Petersburg) ended, Lee's army was outnumbered and exhausted from a winter of trench warfare over an approximately 40 mi (64 km) front, numerous battles, disease, hunger and desertion.

Where did Lee plan to resupply his army in North Carolina?

The Confederates marched west, heading toward Danville, Virginia or Lynchburg, Virginia as an alternative. Lee planned to resupply his army at one of those cities and march southwest into North Carolina where he could unite his army with the Confederate army commanded by General Joseph E. Johnston.

Why did Lee refuse to surrender to grant?

And yesterday, General Grant had invited Lee to surrender and avoid “further effusion of blood.” Though he was unwilling to concede to Grant’s opinion of the “hopelessness” of his cause, he wanted to keep his limited options open. He asked Grant for terms—not for surrender, but for peace—yet continued his retreat toward Danville.

How many men did Robert E Lee lose at Appomattox?

Here at Appomattox Station and then at Appomattox Court House. And in the course of the week Lee’s army, which started out with about 60,000 men, has 30,000 men when it reaches Appomattox. Lee has lost half of his army in that weeklong march…and that is unparalleled in Civil War history.”

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