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Frequently Asked Questions

How do students sign in to launchpad for learning?

Each day students will sign into Launchpad for Learning: 1 Open Google Chrome 2 In the browser window, type Scholars will use their student ID and Password1 to log in 3 To get to student classroom, click on the Canvas icon

Where can I find the FWPs learning partnerships?

These are available in our top languages and can be picked up at your school office or accessed online at • Encourage your child to attend school every day they are feeling well.

What is the FWPs mission statement?

As a core value in FWPS, equity will remain a top focus. I wholly believe in the unlimited potential of every scholar and that it is our collective responsibility to create conditions that provide the highest quality education in a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive environment.

What is classlink Launchpad?

ClassLink LaunchPad gives you personalized, single sign-on access to all your school resources. With one click, you can have instant access to any of thousands of learning, productivity, and educational apps. With LaunchPad you spend more time learning, and less time logging in.

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