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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lad stand for?

LAD. TA98. A12.2.03.202. TA2. 4143. FMA. 3862. Anatomical terminology. The left anterior descending artery (also LAD, anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery, or anterior descending branch) is a branch of the left coronary artery.

What is the LAD artery?

LAD stands for left anterior descending artery. It is a coronary artery, which is the name given to arteries that supply the heart muscle with blood. The LAD is considered the most important of the three main coronary arteries and is almost always the largest.

What is a lad heart attack?

In about 80% of people, the LAD wraps around the bottom of the heart and supplies the area beyond that. Significant blockages of the LAD artery can be dangerous simply because the LAD supplies such a large territory. A heart attack involving the LAD is typically more serious than other heart attacks.

What is the language-specific information (LD)?

- You may be thinking the LAD contains specific information about a specific language, such as English or French. However, the LAD is not language-specific, and instead, works more like a mechanism to help us work out the rules of any language.

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