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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Knaus Berry Farm get its start?

History of Knaus Berry Farm One such family was the Knaus brothers, Jess and Harley, who moved to Florida from Missouri in 1924. They came for construction work, helping to build Miami during its first development boom.

Who is keyknaus Berry Farm?

Knaus Berry Farm has been owned and operated by the Knaus family since 1956. Please call for availability of u-pick strawberries and tomatoes.

Where did Ray and Russell Knaus grow strawberries?

Jess’ sons, Russell and Ray, spent their childhood at the farm. In 1942 (with the German military disrupting shipping off the Florida coast) the Knaus brothers decided they were too close to the war front and moved back to Missouri. In 1956, Ray and Russell returned to Florida and began growing strawberries together in the Redland area.

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