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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kelley Blue Book a good place to buy a boat?

But, the truth is the original Kelley Blue Book does not offer market price values for boats unless the vessel is a personal watercraft. Some legitimate sites work like the KBB and can help you estimate the value of a boat.

Is Nada guides a Kelley Blue Book?

NADAguides also offers values for motorcycles, powersports, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs, aka “campers”), and manufactured housing (often called “trailers”) In 2017, J.D. Power bought NADA Guides and is now responsible for the data that drives its values. NADAGuides and J.D. Power are not affiliated with Kelley Blue Book or Cox Automotive.

What is Kelley Blue Book private party value?

The Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value provides a fair price when selling the car to an individual. KBB values come from extensive data like sales transactions and auction prices. The data is analyzed and adjusted to account for seasonality and market trends. How can I find the value of my car? on Kelley Blue Book.

What are the Blue Books for boats?

The blue books for boats do a good job of compiling huge amounts of data to provide a rough estimate of a vessel’s market value. But, there are so many other moving factors and variables that can make a boat worth more or less the estimates provided by the blue books for boats.

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