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Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is Kelly Blue Book?

Kelly Blue Book ® is not reliable as current with accurate information; they’re misleading you. Enter your car, truck, van, or SUV’s information into our short form and not only will you get an up to the minute accurate and reliable resale value for your car, you get a 20-second instant offer.

Is there Kelly Blue Book for RVs?

Unfortunately, Kelley Blue Book does not offer an RV valuation guide anymore and only focuses on automobiles. Luckily, there are other options available to help you learn the value of any particular RV. The National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA) offers general pricing suggestions for the value of all types of RVs including:

Do Kelley Blue Book values include taxes?

Vehicle Valuation FAQs For Dealers Kelley Blue Book B2B. Market The Fair Market Range is Kelley Blue Book ’s estimate of what a consumer can reasonably expect to pay this week in their area for a particular year, make and model vehicle configured with their selected options, excluding taxes, title and fees and any rebates and incentives, when buying from a dealer.

What is Kelley Blue Book wholesale value?

The Wholesale Blue Book Value is deemed by Kelley to be the "used car invoice" and to some degree that's true. It is by far the most used, of the four values, by car dealers. Car dealers use the wholesale value when: Structuring a loan. (most auto lenders loan money based on the wholesale value)

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