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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kaiser accept medical insurance?

Look no further. Kaiser is a membership HMO with its own medical offices and hospitals and you must be a member to go to any Kaiser facility. They dont accept outside health insurance. They do accept Medicare and Medicaid or Medi-Cal which are assigned to Kaiser and if you do that, you must only use Kaiser.

Does Kaiser take Medicare?

Since all Kaiser Medicare Advantage plans are HMOs, plan members have to stay within the Kaiser network of providers in order to have their care covered. Kaiser does offer a unique type of Medicare Advantage plan known as Medicare Cost plan. Think of this plan as a hybrid of Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

What does Kaiser stand for?

What does Kaiser stand for? Kaiser is the German word for "emperor". What do I do if I don't have my Kaiser card? To replace a lost card or order a card for a family member, use the secure reorder form. Or, call Member Services at 1-888-901-4636.

Does Kaiser accept Medicaid patients?

Medicaid is a federal and state health coverage program available to people who have low incomes and limited resources. If you qualify for Medicaid under your state’s program, you may be eligible to receive your Medicaid health care with Kaiser Permanente.

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