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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Jolt?

Use jolt in a sentence. noun. The definition of a jolt is an abrupt movement or a surprise or shock. An abrupt push in the crowd that pushes you forward is an example of a jolt. A surprise that someone gives you that encourages you to get your life back on track is an example of a jolt.

What is another word for Jolt?

Synonyms for Jolts: n. v. •agitates (verb) perturbs, disquiets, shudders, churns, flusters, troubles, quakes, agitates, palpitates, shivers, quavers, quivers, shakes, jars, twitches, stirs, upsets.

What is jolt tool?

Jolt is a cloud-based restaurant management solution designed to automate and simplify task management. Trusted by restaurants and companies in the hospitality industry, this software is also utilized by groceries, small clinics, auto repair shops, and car washes.

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