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Frequently Asked Questions

What does item-by-item mean?

An item-by-item enumeration. Any lengthy list of items, esp. one regarded as including too much and not being selective enough. A laundry list of complaints. (idiomatic, by extension) A long and often tedious list of items. (archaic) Originally, a list of articles of clothing that had been sent to be laundered.

Can I return an item?

You only have to accept returns from the person who bought the item. It’s illegal to display any notice that deliberately misleads consumers or deceives them about their rights, for example a sign that says you do not accept returns or offer refunds.

Can I set unique permissions for a list item?

We can enable the Item level unique permissions for a list or document library by using these following steps- Create a List whereas I created named as “ TSgroup ” and add some items in that List by using “ new item ” where I added, “Info-1”, “Info-2” and “Info-3” like the given below screenshot.

What are synonyms for items?

object , article , product , thing , belongings, possession , stuff (informal), piece. Sense: Noun: thing listed. Synonyms: detail , point , thing , entry , particular , option , number. 'item' also found in these entries (note: many are not synonyms or translations):

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