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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Biomutant support PvP or coop multiplayer?

Neither PVP multiplayer or coop multiplayer is a part of Biomutant at launch, as the game is strictly a single-player focused journey. Could Biomutant Support Multiplayer (PVP) or Co-op in the Future?

Is Biomutant a good game?

The Biomutant gameplay is mission-based and players would have the ability to re-code their genetic structure while exploring the world. Other than that, there are multiple bio-threats in the game, such as radioactivity. The in-game combat style draws inspiration from martial arts and promises maximum agility and movement.

How much does Biomutant cost in India?

Biomutant is the first open-world RPG by Experiment 101. It is available to purchase from Steam, and the Windows version is priced at ₹1,889 in India. In the game, a player controls a mutated animal, with highly exciting combat abilities.

How do companion systems work in Biomutant?

The world of Biomutant is a crazy one, and players will have plenty of time to become accustomed to its quirks. There will be many NPCs in the game with whom players can form relationships that make them companions that accompany them on their journey, and anotherone way this can be achieved is with Biomutant's companion systems.

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