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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Irish Setters good show dogs?

The Irish Setter show dogs are built bigger and possess more bone than their working counterparts. They also bear a weightier coat. Both still reflect the established breed standard. The Irish Setter is a natural born athlete, excelling at such dog performance sports as obedience, Rally, tracking, and agility. They are also well-suited to work as therapy dogs.

Are Irish Setters the same as red setters?

Yes they are there both short for Irish Red setter. We've handpicked 23 related questions for you, similar to «Are irish setters the same as red setters?» so you can surely find the answer! Are irish setters protective? Many Irish setters compete in dog sports, and they do particularly well in obedience and hunt tests.

Are Irish Setters like Border Collies?

Irish setters and border collies are working dogs who require a lot of daily exercise. Although both breeds may not resemble each other in appearance, they do share similar desires to work. Border collies are best suited for herding animals, while Irish setters are admirable hunting dogs.

Do Irish Setters get along with other dogs?

Irish Setters get along well with children, other dogs, and will enthusiastically greet visitors. Even though they do well with household pets, small animals may pose a problem for this breed, as they are a hunting breed. Some Irish Setters may have problems with cats in the house, and may be too rambunctious with small children.

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