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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to own an Irish Setter?

The sociable Irish Setter gets along well with everyone, including other pets. Indeed, he requires a good deal of companionship and doesn't thrive if left alone too much. Though he has a willful streak and is easily distracted by exciting sights and smells (remember, this is a hunting dog!), the Irish Setter is probably the most willing to ...

Are Irish Setters good show dogs?

The Irish Setter show dogs are built bigger and possess more bone than their working counterparts. They also bear a weightier coat. Both still reflect the established breed standard. The Irish Setter is a natural born athlete, excelling at such dog performance sports as obedience, Rally, tracking, and agility. They are also well-suited to work as therapy dogs.

What is a good Irish Setter name?

These male and female Irish Setter names are the perfect match for any dog. Hundreds of creative and unique names for Irish Setter s to choose from. Mara. Bruno. Pepper. Shadow. Duke. Samson. Maximus.

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