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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Irish Setter wingshooter hunting boots?

Irish Setter Wingshooter hunting boots have a legendary reputation as “the boots” for serious upland bird hunters. That reputation was cemented in 2015 when Irish Setter became the “Official Upland Hunting Boot” of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to upland habitat conservation.

What is a wingshooter St?

So in 2017, Irish Setter introduced the Wingshooter ST (Safety Toe). “Wingshooter boots became synonymous with goall-day comfort,” says Charley Bryant, Irish Setter Product Merchant. “We noticed that residential carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other workers were wearing Wingshooters on the job.

What is Irish Setter?

Based in Red Wing, Minnesota, Irish Setter is a division of Red Wing Shoe Company which produces a full line of performance hunting boots and rugged outdoor work footwear.

What is a style 877 hunting boot?

Retaining the distinctive moc toe of style 854, a new 8-inch boot, style 877, replaced its predecessor’s heel with a wedge sole made of white crepe rubber that promised to be quiet underfoot in the woods. This sole had been used on shoes before, but the 877 was the first use of it in a tall hunting boot.

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