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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Irish Setter a good watchdog?

They can make good watchdogs. The Irish Setter is generally affectionate with and loves his family. That combined with his alert nature can make him a good watchdog. They can get along with other pets.

What is a good Irish Setter name?

These male and female Irish Setter names are the perfect match for any dog. Hundreds of creative and unique names for Irish Setter s to choose from. Mara. Bruno. Pepper. Shadow. Duke. Samson. Maximus.

Should you get an Irish Red White Setter?

The Irish Red and White Setter is a bird hunter that is high-spirited and highly athletic. Stockier and shorter than their cousin, the Irish Setter, these dogs make a great medium-sized companion. Their sweet disposition, and admirable determination and courage make them a true all-around breed.

What is it like to own an Irish Setter?

The sociable Irish Setter gets along well with everyone, including other pets. Indeed, he requires a good deal of companionship and doesn't thrive if left alone too much. Though he has a willful streak and is easily distracted by exciting sights and smells (remember, this is a hunting dog!), the Irish Setter is probably the most willing to ...

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