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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iPad Pro bigger than an original iPad?

Apple says the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro has 25 percent less volume than the old, which is a combination of it being shrunk in every dimension. Technically, the new model is thinner, but it is almost unnoticeable until side by side.

Is the iPad Pro worth it?

In that case, an iPad Pro is absolutely worth the money. However, if you simply want to browse social media and watch Netflix, a cheaper iPad will suffice. The largest of the two latest iPad Pros has a slightly more impressive display, and the larger screen makes it better for consuming media.

Does iPad Pro come with a keyboard?

Report: iPad Pro won't come with a keyboard or pen, they'll be optional. The trend of 2-in-1 devices that aren't really two without an included keyboard may be continuing. And Apple can make a killing on highly-profitable optional keyboards for its iPad Pro.

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