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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Iowa a red state now?

Iowa State volleyball has built up a lot of momentum to open conference play, but it will now face off against a red-hot Kansas squad. The Jayhawks are riding a winning streak of eight as they prepare for a pair of home match-ups with the Cyclones.

How good is Iowa State?

Iowa has a good education system overall and students at Iowa State live on campus or nearby (the town is very college student friendly). To mitigate the issue of large, lecture based classes, there’s the Honors college worth looking into.

What state is between Iowa and Colorado?

Iowa State is still wrestling No. 11 Arizona State and No. 15 Northern Iowa on Sunday. The first duel of the day begins at 11 a.m. with Iowa State wrestling Arizona State on mat one while extra matches between Northern Iowa and Arizona State are on mat two.

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