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Frequently Asked Questions

What are included in traffic control devices?

Traffic control devices include: all traffic Traffic control devices such as signs, signals, and markings affect: promote the orderly flow of traffic The purpose of traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings is to: tell drivers what they may or may not do Regulatory signs:

How do traffic control systems work?

Air Traffic Control System. Air traffic control system is a closed control system where a ‘master’ communicates with ‘locals’; the systems which are connected to the master, through fibre optic cable or wireless systems. Various on-street monitoring devices provide active feedback to the central control system.

What is total traffic control?

Total Traffic Control. Lightspeed Systems' content filtering, as part of Total Traffic Control (TTC), provides the most complete and cost-effective solution on the market. With TTC's content filter, you can: * Monitor and report all network traffic * Own a huge content filter database * Create different rule sets as needed * Block or limit all types...

What is direct traffic control?

Direct traffic control (DTC) is a system for authorizing track occupancy used on some railroads instead of or in addition to signals.

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