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Frequently Asked Questions

Are GFRP dowels compatible with Iowa DOT section 4151?

SUDAS Section 7010, 2.01, H calls for dowel bars to comply with Iowa DOT Section 4151. The specifications allowing the use of GFRP dowels is now included in that DOT section.

What is the target for the Iowa DOT grading project?

The target should be the average of at least 5 Iowa DOT gradations taken at the sampling frequency outlined in Paragraph A. Establishing the target may be supplemented using Producer gradations.

Are 20 year Design trucks allowed in Iowa?

Note the restriction on the 20 year design truck volume. Check the Iowa DOT’s MAPLE system for approved products; those products should be added in the coming days.

Are Sudas manuals in accordance with Iowa DNR design standards?

In a letter addressed to SUDAS staff, Iowa DNR stated “at the current time, they are in accordance with the design standards of this Department and will be filed accordingly.” If you need to modify the SUDAS manuals to meet your jurisdiction’s needs, please read this document first.

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