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What was the US presidential election of 1940?

United States presidential election of 1940. Written By: United States presidential election of 1940, American presidential election held on Nov. 5, 1940, in which Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Republican Wendell L. Willkie.

What did Franklin Roosevelt do in the 1930s?

He served as governor from 1929 to 1933, promoting programs to combat the economic crisis besetting the United States. In the 1932 presidential election, Roosevelt defeated Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover in a landslide.

Who was Roosevelt's vice-president at the 1940 Democratic Convention?

At the July 1940 Democratic Convention in Chicago, Roosevelt easily swept aside challenges from Farley and John Nance Garner, his vice-president. Garner was a Texas conservative who had turned against Roosevelt in his second term because of his liberal economic and social policies.

Who won the presidential election of 1920?

United States presidential election, 1920. Warren G. Harding/Calvin Coolidge (R) – 16,144,093 (60.3%) and 404 electoral votes (37 states carried) James M. Cox/Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) – 9,139,661 (34.1%) and 127 electoral votes (11 states carried) Eugene Debs/Seymour Stedman (Socialist) – 913,693 (3.4%)

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