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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a teaching job at Illinois State University?

Illinois State utilizes an online application system known as ISU Jobs (access these by viewing the "Search Postings" menu item at the top of this page) and applications for all vacancies must be submitted through this online system. View all Tenure-Track and Adjunct/NTT faculty opportunities at Illinois State University.

When can I apply to Illinois State?

Illinois State is accepting applications for spring, summer, and fall 2022. View our application deadlines for more information. Applying early is encouraged, as the University must limit enrollment in specific majors and programs.

How do I apply to the University of Illinois?

The Student Application Portal is where you will create an application account, apply, and check your application status. Freshmen applying for summer or fall 2022 may use the Illinois State application or the Common Application, and there is no preference given to one over the other.

What do I need to accept employment in Illinois?

Note: To accept employment, candidates must be able to present proof of eligibility in the United States. Class Specifications Search - A full text of class specifications is available for each title under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Personnel Code.

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