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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Idaho Falls power do?

Idaho Falls owns and operates five hydropower plants that deliver about one-third of the city’s electricity needs. In addition to the generation and transmission of electricity to homes and businesses, Idaho Falls Power offers a number of programs and services that benefit customers and the community.

What is your review of Idaho Power?

Start your review of Idaho Power. these guys get to business. No dillydallying when the powers out, and they answer the phones, pretty good for a utility For a powerhouse of a company, like Idaho Power, I had a great experience setting up my account & talking with customer service, esp where nowadays it is always lacking.

How do I register for my account with Idaho Power?

Let's get you registered! Registering for My Account is easy, as long as you're a current Idaho Power customer. If you have not yet started service with Idaho Power, please fill out the form to Start Service at Your Home or Start Service at Your Business. 1. Find Your Customer Account

Where does Idaho Power get its electricity?

Four-fifths of Idaho’s electricity generation is from hydroelectric. Idaho Power built the majority of its hydroelectric facilities during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, culminating with completion of the three-dam Hells Canyon Complex ( Brownlee Dam, Oxbow Dam, then Hells Canyon Dam) in 1968.

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