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Frequently Asked Questions

Are DDE packages available on Ubuntu upstream APT repositories?

The DDE packages are not available on default Ubuntu upstream APT repositories but thanks to UbuntuDDE which has made its stable repository available to the public. UbuntuDDE is a Remix flavor of Ubuntu system with Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).

How do I install Deepin on Ubuntu?

1 Add the UbuntuDDE Stable Release PPA 2 Install the Deepin Desktop Environment on Ubuntu 20.04 or 20.10 / Linux Mint 20.x. ... 3 Choose LightDM as the display manager. If you don't already use LightDM (e.g. ... 4 Finalize the installation. Once all the packages are installed, you'll need to reboot the system. ...

What is the oldest version of Ubuntu with DDE?

It had its first release as UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04, based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa, and there's also a 20.10 release that features DDE from Deepin v20.

What Linux system do I have Deepin Desktop Environment installed on?

You now have Deepin Desktop Environment installed on Ubuntu 22.04|20.04 Linux system. As we continue to grow, we would wish to reach and impact more people who visit and take advantage of the guides we have on our blog.

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