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Frequently Asked Questions

Which breeds are good as pets?

10 Dog Breeds that Make Good Pets Beagle. The cool attitude and small size of Beagles make them suitable for families. Although these canines were...Bulldog. A bulldog is a perfect fit for your family if you are looking for an easy-going pet. This sweet, little pup...Collie. Collies are quite easy to train because they are one of the smartest dog breeds that you will...More ...

What are the top ten dog breeds?

The top dogs on this year’s list include:Retrievers (Labrador)French bulldogsRetrievers (Golden)German shepherdsPoodlesBulldogsBeaglesRottweilersPointers (German shorthaired)Dachshunds

What are the most dangerous dogs?

Top 10 Dangerous DogsAmerican Pit Bull Terrier. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a popular dog breed that has been used in military and police operations for search and rescue, as therapy dogs, ...Rottweiler. ...German Shepherd. ...Doberman Pinscher. ...Siberian Husky. ...Alaskan Malamute. ...Great Dane. ...Chow Chow. ...Bullmastiff. ...Boxer. ...More items...

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