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Frequently Asked Questions

What to mix with Jameson Whiskey?

What Mixes Good With Jameson WhiskeyStraight or on the rocks.Ginger aleCocktails

What to drink with Jameson?

Fill a high ball glass with ice cubesAdd Jameson Caskmates IPAAdd lemonadeFill the rest of the glass with soda waterGarnish with lemon twist

Is Jameson Scotch or Bourbon?

While Jameson is Irish through and through, our Head Cooper Ger Buckley turns to our friends in the United States and Spain to provide our casks. Their previous life ageing bourbon and fortified wine, leaves them seasoned and ready to pass some of their toasted wood, vanilla and sweet sherry personality along to our whiskey.

What mixer goes with Jameson Whiskey?

Jameson Whiskey: What To Mix It With 2. 1 Water. There are two Coca-Cola products. The third is ginger ale or ginger beer. It’s time for some lemonade. 5 Coffee. The number of Guinness is six.

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