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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Henry make pistols?

Now, Henry Repeating Arms are made in two states (New Jersey and Wisconsin), has roughly 250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and employs more than 475 people. Furthermore, they turn out everything from rifles, shotguns even pistols (yes, the Mare’s Leg is considered a pistol) in lever-action, semi-auto, single-shot, even pump action.

What is the value of an original Henry rifle?

The New Original Henry Iron-Framed .44-40 WCF Invest In An American Legend Getting your hands on a Civil War era Henry rifle will set you back up to $250,000 if you can find one at auction. Getting your hands on the ultra-rare iron-framed Henry? Almost impossible no matter cost.

Is Henry gun store legitimate? is an online site that seems to be somewhat suspect [because of some elements explained below]. A small number of end users are likely concerned about if Henrygunstore reviews are actually research based & if Henrygunstore should be looked at as trustworthy. At first view the web site would seem incredibly reliable; but unfortunately, looks can certainly be very misleading.

Who makes Henry guns?

Henry Repeating Arms was started by Louis Imperato and his son Anthony Imperato in Brooklyn, New York in 1996. The first model produced was the Henry H001 Lever Action.22 and the first shipments were made in March 1997. The original corporate motto was "Made in America and Priced Right".

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