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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Hawaiian tattoos?

One of the most popular designs in Hawaii is the hibiscus flower tattoo. The flower is symbolic to the women of Hawaii, and is actually the state flower. Ancient Hawaiians referred to the art of tattooing as "kakau."

What is the process of making a Hawaiian tattoo?

Traditionally, Hawaiian tattoo was done only in black colour. For this, the skin of the person had to be cut open and tattoo ink made up of ash and soot was poured in the cut. Then, the ash and soot were allowed to get dry so that the ink pigment may turn black.

How much does a Hawaiian tattoo cost?

The Cost of a Hawaiian tattoo will be a little bit more than a general tattoo. Because the Hawaiian tattoo making process used a hand-tapping method rather than an electric machine. Usually, the hourly rate for a tattoo is between $150 to $200. Traditional Hawaiian tattoo is unique with its own method.

What is the meaning behind Hawaiian tattoos?

As Hawaiian tattoos possess deep meaning in themselves, they are worn by many men and women to represent the Hawaiian tradition and heritage. These tattoos can depict the whole history of the great Hawaiian culture and portray a specific island or the state of Hawaii. They are as a symbol of respect for their ancient cultural heritage.

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