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Frequently Asked Questions

Is intestinal metaplasia the same as Barretts?

"Intestinal metaplasia" is also known commonly as "Barrett's esophagus.". Basically, what happens is that the chronic irritation of the esophagus from heartburn or acid reflux disease causes changes in the tissue of the esophagus that predisposes it to future esophageal cancer. The technical name for this change is "intestinal metaplasia.".

Is intestinal metaplasia of the stomach reversible?

In brief: Yes. Metaplasia is a reversible change in cell types. However, for the change to reverse, the insult, stimulus, factor causing the change has to be removed. Metaplasia is a reversible change in cell types.

Is intestinal metaplasia dangerous?

Intestinal metaplasia can be severe. The transformation of the cells of the gastric lining puts a person at a much higher risk of developing gastric cancer. While it is not possible to avoid some risk factors such as genetics, people can avoid other risk factors, including diet, H. pylori infection, and smoking.

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