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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in a notice of public meeting?

• The notice must be brief and to the point: it must highlight economic and environmental issues and decisions of concern to the public, as well as the implications of these issues and decisions. • The notice must indicate how participation at the meeting or hearing will relate to subsequent decisions and the resolution of issues.

Do public notices generate public interest?

-------f Public Notices Public Notification and "Public Notices" One of the most common com- plaints voiced by agency staff and citizens is that public notices of hearings and meetings rarely generate public interest or atten- dance.

How do you distribute a notice to the public?

• The notice must be distributed through direct mailing to organi- zations and individuals, in addi- tion to prominent media cover- age. Direct contact such as phone call "networking," per- sonal letters, or other "word of mouth" measures are often the most effective means of public notification.

Who should write the notice?

The notice should be actually written by someone with a good knowledge of the idiom and nuances of the other lan- guage. It may be advisable to seek assistance and advice from a member of the community.

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