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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dealt with grief?

Tips for Coping with Grief Do not grieve alone It's vital that you stay connected with others during this time. ... Take good care of yourself It can be easy to forget about our own needs when we are reeling from loss, but neglecting yourself won't help you effectively deal ... Seek professional grief counseling

How do you deal with grief?

Working Towards Happiness Shift the focus away from sadness. Distract yourself. Find delight in beautiful days. Reclaim the idea of what you've lost. Spend time with good people. Don't fake happiness. Allow time to heal. Don't second-guess your happiness.

How does grief affect weight gain or loss?

Emotionally it is draining. Physically it literally can cause your body to ache. It causes lack of sleep, depression,weight loss and weight gain. Grief can also cause anxiety attacks. To me these panic attacks felt like I was possibly having issues with my heart and sent me running to the cardiologist.

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