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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dixie fire in Greenville?

Operations Chief Jay Walter passes the historic Sierra Lodge as the Dixie Fire burns through Greenville, California, on August 4. The fire leveled multiple historic buildings and dozens of homes in central Greenville. Firefighters work at a Greenville home that was engulfed by the Dixie Fire on August 4.

Where can I find a California wildfire map and tracker?

California Wildfire Map & Tracker Frontline Wildfire Defense is proud to offer access to this interactive California wildfire map and tracker. Keep an eye on recent wildfire activity, so you can take appropriate action to protect your home and property. This map is also available via the Frontine Wildfire Defense App (Android | iOS).

Where is the largest wildfire in California?

(CNN) The Golden State's largest active wildfire has wiped out much of the Greenville community in Northern California, sweeping through Wednesday at alarming speed and endangering anyone who did not heed evacuation orders, officials said.

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