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Frequently Asked Questions

Why apply for business grants in Idaho?

If you’re a new or existing Idaho company, you can apply for grants to cover almost any aspect of your business: expanding your customer base, improving your access to community infrastructure and even applying for other funding.

Are there grants for women-owned businesses?

And while other types of business financing (like loans) can’t set aside money specifically for women, plenty of grants can and do. So if you’re a female business owner, there are grants meant just for you. Below, we’ve rounded up the best small-business grants specifically for women and women-owned businesses.

What grants are available for rural areas in Idaho?

1 Idaho Broadband Grant Program. ... 2 STEP Grants. ... 3 Community Development Block Grants. ... 4 Rural Community Block Grants. ... 5 GEM Grants. ... 6 Rural Economic Development Professionals Program. ... 7 Wild Rivers Grant Program. ... 8 Idaho Opportunity Fund. ...

What grants are available for small business owners?

There are two primary types of grants available to small business owners-government and corporate grants. On the corporate grant side, requirements tend to be easier to satisfy. But you may face more competition from other applicants as a result of the more lenient selection criteria.

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