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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Google Mail and Yahoo Mail?

Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail have the similar foundational structure you’ve come to expect from nearly all email providers, including things like: Send, receive, and basic inbox functions. Gmail and Yahoo Mail fundamentally “work” the same way.

Does Yahoo Mail offer more storage space than other email services?

On April 1, 2004, Google announced its Gmail service with 1 GB of storage, however Gmail's invitation-only accounts kept the other webmail services at the forefront. Most major webmail providers, including Yahoo! Mail, increased their mailbox storage in response.

How does Yahoo Mail help to save money?

Say hello to the latest Yahoo Mail upgrade—loaded with features to help you stay organized and save money, seamlessly. Your new inbox will deliver the best deals/coupons in one tap, notify you when they’re about to expire, and even automatically request a refund when prices drop.

Is Yahoo Mail secure?

Unfortunately, Yahoo Mail doesn’t exactly have a clean security record. In fact, it’s been the target of a number of large-scale data breaches, including one that impacted 3 billion user accounts.

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