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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is goodgoodwin company?

Goodwin Company is family-owned and operated with over 92 years of experience providing liquid packing services. Our packing services include the production and distribution of retail Liquid packaging and bulk liquid packaging products for the Automotive Appearance, Automotive Additive, Household Cleaners, and Industrial Cleaners industries.

What is Goodwin University?

Start classes January 10! Goodwin University is an innovative learning community that empowers hard-working students to become sought-after employees. We tailor our programs to address the needs of employers, and we shape them to fit the lives of students.

What is Goodwin doing in Paris?

In July 2016 Goodwin opened its 10th location with an office in Paris, expanding our private equity and mergers and acquisitions platforms.

Why invest with Goodwin Capital?

More broadly, Goodwin has assembled a global team that we believe is unique in BigLaw – a team that is equally proficient in advising the innovators and the investors across the private equity, technology, healthcare and life sciences sectors.

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