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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Genius Brands (Gnus) stock trading higher Wednesday?

Genius Brands International Inc. (NASDAQ:GNUS) shares are trading higher Wednesday as the stock is seeing a day with above-average volume. The stock looks to have possibly seen a bounce off support and ... Investors were less than thrilled by the company's latest deal. Genius Brands International To Buy WOW! Unlimited Media For $53 Million

Is Gnus trading horizontally?

For the past few months, GNUS has been trading horizontally while meeting resistance at the 50W moving average. In early 2021, GNUS seemed to have gotten ahead of itself and needed some more time to accumulate at lower price levels which is what we are seeing now.

Is Gnus ready for its final pumps?

GNUS has been waiting for a long time, it showed a quick spike to 2.50 recently, call premium shot up 5000% on good news. i think GNUS is really ready for its final pumps.

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