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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save with my pay with GasBuddy card?

This information can also be found after opening the app and tapping the 'savings' button. To help prevent abuse and fraud, there is a $75 daily limit and a $300 weekly limit on all Pay With GasBuddy cards. Once either limit is reached, the pump will stop, and the transaction will be complete.

What is the difference between pay with Gasbuddy and 5% gas rewards?

With a 5% gas rewards credit card, you will receive double the cash back per gallon of gas purchased compared to the Pay with GasBuddy card even with gas as low as $2 per gallon. As the price of gas increases, the amount of savings with the credit card also increases while GasBuddy’s rewards are a fixed 5 cents per gallon.

Is GasBuddy accepted at all gas stations?

GasBuddy says their payment card is accepted at 95% of gas stations nationwide except for ARCO, BJs, Costco, Sam’s Club and H-E-B stations.

Do I need a credit score to enroll in GasBuddy?

No, no credit score or credit card application is required to enroll in Pay with GasBuddy. Is the GasBuddy gas card prepaid? No, the Pay with GasBuddy card works like a debit card and is not prepaid.

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