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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my pay with GasBuddy card at gas stations?

Another thing to consider is that the Pay with GasBuddy card is categorized as a credit purchase by gas stations. You will not receive the debit or cash price at stations that offer a discount for paying with those options.

What is the difference between pay with Gasbuddy and 5% gas rewards?

With a 5% gas rewards credit card, you will receive double the cash back per gallon of gas purchased compared to the Pay with GasBuddy card even with gas as low as $2 per gallon. As the price of gas increases, the amount of savings with the credit card also increases while GasBuddy’s rewards are a fixed 5 cents per gallon.

How much can you save with GasBuddy?

Drivers using the Pay with GasBuddy service coupled with the GasBuddy® app can save $340 per year on gasoline! The program is free to join and gives drivers cents per gallon off every fuel purchase. Pay with GasBuddy works at stations nationwide, is completely secure and no credit card application is required.

What do you like most about GasBuddy?

Just savings. GasBuddy has saved drivers $3.1 billion and is used by more North Americans to save money on gas than any other app. Pay with GasBuddy is so easy to use and it saves me money every time I fill up. I like that it works like a debit card, no need to worry about credit card interest. Save today with the free gas card that pays you.

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