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Frequently Asked Questions

Should contingent liabilities be reported under GAAP?

Last, GAAP qualifies other contingent liabilities as "low probability." The likelihood of these contingent liabilities actually triggering a cost is very low, and therefore accountants are not required to report them in the financial statements. The accounting rules regarding contingent liabilities are, as you can see above, very subjective.

What is the GAAP requirement for disclosure of pending litigation?

According to GAAP,Provide a disclosure on financial statements regarding the pending litigation According to GAAP, Provide a disclosure on financial statements regarding the pending litigation. A statement disclosure will communicate relevant information not captured in the statem

What is the accounting for related legal costs under US GAAP?

However, under US GAAP, the accounting for related legal costs is subject to an accounting policy election. Acceptable accounting policies include expensing related costs as incurred or accruing related costs when they are deemed probable and reasonably estimable.

What are GAAP principles of financial accounting?

Financial accounting information must be assembled and reported objectively. For this reason, financial accounting relies on certain accounting best practices and standards called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”). GAAP principles form the principal starting point of every companies’ internal compliance program.

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