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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fugitiva about?

The creator of the series and screenwriter, Joaquín Oristrell, describes 'Fugitiva' as "the story of 90 hours in the life of a family subjected to an extreme situation in which everyone is responsible, with characters facing constant obstacles and very emotional situations. powerful". It is really like a bad Mexican telenovela.

Who are the actors in the TV series Fugitiva?

Fugitiva is a nine-part Spanish thriller-drama television series produced by RTVE and Grupo Ganga, created by Joaquín Oristrell and starring Paz Vega, Julio Bracho and Arantza Ruiz. It originally aired on La 1 in 2018.

Who plays Magda in Fugitiva?

With a thriller format, 'Fugitiva' is a story that revolves around Magda, played by Paz Vega. Magda is an attractive woman who, at a crucial moment in her life, sees her world explode into pieces and is forced to take a drastic decision.

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