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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Google images can I use for free?

Google Images is free to use and you can find almost any image you can think of. The Digital Age has brought about a culture of image sharing, reposting and reproduction and it is widely believed that you can use any picture from any source without permission or credit, because the original poster chose to share it with the world.

How do I find free-to-use images on Google?

What Google images can I use for free? Images that fall under the Creative Commons licenses are usable: Head to Google Images, and type in the image you're looking for. Select Tools > Usage Rights, and then choose Creative Commons licenses. Google will then display images that have been licensed under Creative Commons.

Are there any restrictions on using Google images for free?

Google images are free to use financially speaking, but the original poster doesn’t lose their rights to the image just because it can be seen on Google, and that can lead to much higher legal costs than buying the rights.

How do I find my perfect Google image?

Step 1: Fire up your web browser and go to (or whichever version of Google is used in your country). Step 2: Type in your search term and press the Enter key on your keyboard, just like you normally do when you search for something. Step 3: Switch to “Images.”

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