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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the best value campsites in the UK?

5 Steps to find the best value camping or caravan holiday campsites in the UK. Search more than 9000 campsites using our easy to use campsite search directory. Check availability and book online. Convenient, quick and hassle free. Download your free camping voucher - redeemable at sites displaying our logo. Have a great time camping or caravanning.

Why are campsites in the UK free?

That’s usually why they’re free! In the UK, you can occasionally pay a small fee to a campsite to dispose of your waste properly, use the toilet, and can replenish your water supplies. Depending on where you are, there is also likely to also be local amenities nearby if you do a quick internet search.

Where is the best place to camp in the UK?

Across the border, Wales has become one of the most popular UK destinations for camping, the mighty mountains of Snowdonia set in contrast to the dramatic coastline around Pembrokeshire where eco-friendly campsites have opened in their dozens in recent years, offering smaller places to pitch your tent and enjoy the seaside.

How do I find campsites near me?

Just type a place, city or a zip code to find campsites near that specific area. If you enter a state/province name or abbreviation, you will see all of the campsites in that state/province. Clicking a location on the map will display the campsites around it. As you pan and zoom around the map, additional campsites will appear.

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