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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Fortnite skins?

Whenever Fortnite changes seasons or holds some manner of event, one or more skins are added to the game’s overall catalog. Some of these, like the Spider-Man skin, remain in the item shops after the event ends, and can be purchased at your leisure with V-Bucks.

What new skins are coming in Fortnite?

The Shimmer Specialist skin is also coming soon, in-keeping with the ongoing futuristic theme of Chapter 2. The Slurp Jonesy and Slurp Bandolette skins will soon be getting extra style options. Anyone who has managed to get over how creepy they look and uses them regularly will be able to switch up their look.

How to get Fortnite skins?

To get Wanda Fortnite skin, you have to buy it from the Fortnite Item Shop. There is no way to unlock it for free or through gameplay. The Wanda Fortnite skin is 1500 V-Bucks, which is basically the standard going rate for snazzy new outfits at this point.

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