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Frequently Asked Questions

How to aimlock in Fortnite?

Aimbot/Lock + ESP - --Made By SirMeme (For Making The ESP And Finishing The Script) --Credit To: Bditt (For Making The Base Of The Aimbot) --. --If you change your camera sensitivity in the Roblox Setting (Press ESC), you are basically changing how smooth the aimbot looks. --The lower the sensitivity, the more legit it looks and ...

How to play Fortnite with AI bots?

Bots are of course AI-controlled players that are normally used as filler for certain matches. They operate at pretty low levels so you can easily use them for target shooting. If you’re a complete n00b on Fortnit e , the learning curve can be a bit steep, so it definitely helps to train with bots until you get the hang of things.

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